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Mrs H Kemp headteacher
Down Barton Road
St Nicholas-At-Wade
Tel: 01843 847253
Fax: 01843 847253
Mrs S McPherson secretary
Tel: 01843 847253
Fax: 01843 847253
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At St Nicholas-at-Wade Church of England School we treat all people with respect as members of God’s family.

We know we are God’s children and we try our best to show his love to everyone.

We want to be kind and friends to all.

We aim to be responsible and are thankful for all the opportunities we are given.

Our school helps us to be the best we can but also teaches us humility. It encourages us to discover how wonderful the world is that God has made for us.


School Council, April 2009



"St. Nicholas-at-Wade Church of England Primary School has improved on the good performance when it was last inspected and is now an outstanding school, providing high quality education and care for its pupils.”

Registered Inspector: Ofsted - March 2009


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