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Reception Class - Buttercup Class

Welcome to Reception - Buttercup Class!



Staff in Buttercup Class:

Picture 1 Mrs Weller (Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Hall (Teacher)
Picture 3 Mrs Back (Teaching Assistant)

Returning To School


Here is some information about what life in school will be like as we gradually return

PE  - Children WILL NOT need to bring  PE kits into school. We will not be asking children to change for PE; they will do PE wearing their school uniform and trainers that they have worn into school

Self Isolation And Distance Home Learning


We will update this weekly with learning to engage in at home. Please record your learning in your home learning books.


We are always happy to help, so if you have a question or query how big or small feel free to come and chat to one of us.

Continuous Daily Learning Activities:


* 15 minutes daily reading

* high frequency words - learning to read from sight (memory) and write them

  (refer to phase 2,3,4 bookmarks) 

* number recognition cards, counting and writing numbers 0-20


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3




Weekly Distance Learning Activities



This term we begin our new topic ‘LAND AHOY’


Shiver Me Timbers what is life like at sea? Which sea creatures live on the seashore? Why do crabs have shells? How do pirates stay safe and healthy at sea? What does pollution do the sea and the sea creatures? Together we'll explore these questions and more as we embark on our quest to become PIRATES!


Week commencing 8th June 2020

This week we continue to explore Pirates and help Pirate Pete


  • Share the story Pirates in the Supermarket
  • Share the story The Pirates Next Door
  • Pirate Pete is planning a day out at the beach, What will he need? Write a list of the things Pirate Pete will need at the beach, remember to use adjectives (e.g a sparkly blue bucket) so Pirate Pete knows exactly what to take . (see printable resources)
  • Write some pirate sentences (see printable resources)
  • Complete Pirate Patch's  adding more treasure challenge - he's Pirate Pete's friend! (See printable resources)
  • Pirate Pete is buying ice creams - how much does each one cost? Explore 1p,2p,5p,10p coins (see printable resources)
  • Pirate Pete's coins - Pirate Pete is looking at his coins (treasure) he knows each coin is worth a different amount but can't sort them from smallest value to biggest can you help him, he knows the smallest one is 1p so that's the first one which one would come next? (see printable resources)
  • Explore the other pirate themed activities in the printable resources section
  • Make a seaside picture
  • Tessa and Tom would like you to meet their friend Imran. Explore the mosque and church powerpoints - can you draw and label your own mosque and church pictures.
  • Learn some pirate songs - can you use instruments and add sounds to you song too?
  • Make a telescope for Pirate Pete to spot things when he's on the beach or out at sea.


Week commencing 1st June 2020

This week we explore the story Pirates Love Underpants


  • Share the story Pirates Love Underpants
  • Design and make a pair of pants the pirate won't steal (template in printable resources)
  • Write a sentence describing your pants using adjectives e.g My pants have rainbows on them/ The pirates will not steal my pants because they are bright and glittery. (phonetically sounded out with some tricky words spelled correctly is great)
  • Phonics - recap all phase 2 sounds and j v w z y from phase 3 (see phonics activities in printable resources)
  • Make a treasure map - Can you write instructions giving the pirate direction to find your treasure? (See printable resources)
  • Make a pirate hat
  • Explore 'pirate' money, identify 1p,2p,5p, and 10p coins.  Do some coin rubbings, use money to make different totals, add up pirate Pete's money jars...How much treasure does he have in each jar? (See printable resources)
  • Explore the other pirate themed activities in the printable resources section
  • Pirate Pete needs your help to learn the new hand washing and social distancing rules. Make a poster to help him. Explore these stories to help you
  • Draw around your hand and decorate it with handwriting patterns
  • Explore this weeks White Rose Maths based around The Snail and the Whale story What spiral patterns will you find, can you draw them or take a photo of them? Can you make a spiral dangler for Pirate Pete - what pirate decorations can you add to your spiral?
  • Tessa and Tom would like you think about what a message is and what a messenger is. Tessa and Tom believe God is a messenger - what do you think they mean? Can you be a messenger and write a message to someone who you are missing and send it to them. How do you think your message will make the person receiving it feel? Tessa and Tom feel happy when they listen to their messages from God, they believe God's messages help them.
  • Start to learn a pirate song
  • Make a paper plate pirate - what shapes have you used to make your pirate face? 
Printable resources for weekly distance learning activities
Week Commencing 8th June 2020
Week Commencing 1st June 2020
Term 5
Books to read and explore
Picture 1
Picture 2

Useful Websites/Apps


Cambug (an app that is good for phonics) (good for phonics and online reading activities/books) (free subscription currently) (lots of games for all subject areas) (free subscription currently - Early Years Interactive Pack and other resources for all subject areas) (games for all subject areas)

Tricky Words song (Phase 2)

Tricky Words song (Phase 3)

Tricky Words song (Phase 4)

Days of the week song (great for yoga and mindfulness) (a favourite wake up shake up of ours)



What does our curriculum look like?


In Reception we select topics to suit the children’s interests. Through finding out what the children are interested in we can tailor the curriculum accordingly. We follow the EYFS


Statutory Curriculum which you can see below:

Here is an overview of what is expected within the strands, it is a useful tool for understanding the profile:

Here is our yearly overview:

What did we learn in term 4?


Our topic was 'Who are you going to call'. We enjoyed having visitors in school who told us all about the roles in our community and how they help us.

In RE we explored Salvation and the Easter Story. We celelbrated Mothering Sunday too. We continued our Maths and Phonics journeys, exploring 2d and 3d shapes,addition, subtraction, working with numbers 0-20.  We recapped all our phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words and gained greater independence in our writing.


What did we learn in term 3?


Our topic was 'Tell me a story'. In our magical topic we explored a range of traditional tales; questioning if we thought the big bad wolf so bad?  How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat. How we would trick a wolf? What would grow from your magic bean? We became story tellers and authors ourselves by creating our own versions of some of the traditional tales we explored.We continued our number and phonics journeys. We explored size and weight concepts in Maths as well as floating and sinking in our attempts to help the gingerbread man travel across the river safely without being gobbled up by the fox! 

We continued to observe seasonal changes, looked at wildlife and how our environment has changed. We documented our observations through different art forms.

We took part in the National Safer Internet Day and explored this years theme of 'Free to be me - exploring identity online'

What did we learn in term 2?


Our topic was 'Do squirrels hide their nuts'. During the term we explored animals that hibernate and the reasons why. We explored birds, what they like to eat, how they like to eat and why some birds migrate. We explored seasonal foods by making and tasting soup. We enjoyed playing in our fruit and Vegetable shop. We went on a hunt in our environment exploring seasonal colours and collecting autumnal objects.

We explored festivals including Guy Fawkes and Christmas. We shared our family traditions and enjoyed sharing some seasonal traditions without our classroom together, writing and sending Christmas cards, explored advent with our advent calendar and scooping and decorating pumpkins.

We explored the Christmas story lots, sung some festive songs and did a Christmas Nativity play for all our grown ups to come and see.

We had a lovely trip to the theatre to watch Cinderella and enjoyed a yummy Christmas party food lunch.

What did we learn in term 1?


Our topic was 'Friends'. We all got to know each other and made new friends. We shared lots of friendship themed texts. We settled into our new routines together and agreed some rules for our learning and playing environments.  We tried hard to recognise our own names and our friends names, had a go at mark making and writing our own names. We began our Letters and Sounds phonic journey, explored numerals 1-5 and what each numeral represents whilst engaging in some problem solving activities. We observed some seasonal changes and explored our outdoor environment.

Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop Bookmarks

Jolly Phonics App

Jolly Phonics App 1 Please download this APP. It is free!
Here is the workshop information. Please feel free to ask any questions if anything is unclear.

Are there any trips/events planned?






How does our classroom look?





Parent Information/Workshops


Reading Workshop - Tuesday 15th October: 2.30pm or 6pm 

Attendance letter can be viewed and downloaded below. Please return attendance form to indicate which session you will be attending


Parent Consultations - Thursday 17th October

Cursive flying with phonics handwriting

Picture 1 Special Award
Picture 2 Start of the Day
Picture 3 A reminder for sad behaviour
Picture 4 Repeated sad behaviour

Useful websites or Apps:

Here are some useful Apps:



Here are some useful websites:


Here are some useful books:


What Every Parent Needs To Know by Toby Young & Miranda Thomas  USBN: 0241004721/9780241004722



Here is a useful download of what to expect and how to help your child in their first year at school: