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What will we learn in term 3?


Our topic is 'Will you read me a story?' During our magical topic all about fairy tales, goodies and baddies we will share a range of traditional tales and explore various questions like...Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? We will become chefs making and tasting our own porridge. We will make recipe books and write instructions for how to make porridge. We will use adjectives to describe the porridge we make. We will explore materials and different forms of construction to create safe houses for the 3 little pigs and we will make labels to describe them too. We will continue our Little Wandle phonics journey. In Maths we will continue to build upon and broaden our number and shape knowledge. In RE with our Christian friends Tessa and Tom we will continue to explore Christian stories from the Bible and think about why Jesus is special to Christians.

What  did learn in term 2?


Our topic was 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?' This term we continued to explore seasonal changes in the natural world and explored what animals do during the Autumn and Winter months. We shared and explored the Percy the Park Keeper stories and books. We helped Percy prepare for the winter months and made sure all the woodland animals had everything they need. We explored seasonal celebrations and festivals including Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. We became storytellers and retold the story of Dear Zoo and had a go at being authors creating our own Dear Percy story. We told our Dear Percy story with lots of actions too. We continued our Little Wandle phonics journey. In Maths we continued to build upon our number and shape knowledge. In RE we met our Christian friends Tessa and Tom and explored what is special to them as Christians. We worked together as a team to create a Nativity play and festive performance for our grown ups as well as exploring the Christmas Story in depth.

What did we learn in term 1?


Our topic was 'Friends'. We got to know each other and made new friends. We shared lots of friendship themed stories. We supportted and helped eachother to settle into our new routines and agreed some rules for our learning and playing environments.  We tried hard to recognise our own names and our friends names too, had a go at mark making and writing our own names. We began our Little Wandle phonic journey, explored numerals 1-5 and what each numeral represents whilst engaging in some problem solving activities. We observed some seasonal changes and explored our outdoor environment...together we made a beautiful friendship garden.

Useful websites or Apps:

Cambug (an app that is good for phonics) (good for phonics and online reading activities/books) (free subscription currently) (lots of games for all subject areas) (free subscription currently - Early Years Interactive Pack and other resources for all subject areas) (games for all subject areas) (great for yoga and mindfulness)




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What does our curriculum look like?


In Reception we select topics to suit the children’s interests. Through finding out what the children are interested in we can tailor the curriculum accordingly. We follow the EYFS


Statutory Curriculum which you can see below:

Here is an overview of what is expected within the strands, it is a useful tool for understanding the profile:

Here is our yearly overview:

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How does our classroom look?





Number formation Rhymes

How do we reward children in Buttercup Class?


We believe in positive praise and always seek opportunities to reward the children. The children start the day on the “sunflower” and if they do something special they are rewarded by being put onto the “honey pot”. They then receive a sticker and share their achievements with the class.