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St Nicholas at Wade is a place to belong. We believe that wearing the school uniform is a crucial element of school life that unites us and makes us feel part of one community.

We wear our uniform with pride and we know that when we look smart and ready for learning this puts us in a great mindset for work!

Parents are asked to ensure that pupils are dressed in our school uniform. 

We take the responsibility and privilege of caring for God’s creation seriously so our aim is to develop a more sustainable approach to our uniform. We have a wide range of pre-loved uniform available via the school office. Parents can both donate and take uniform from this pool. We believe this is kind to the planet and respects the world that God has created.

The basic requirements of school uniform include:

Coat or jacket Black or grey preferable
Jumper,cardigan or fleece Green (branded items available from the Schoolwear Centre)
Skirt or pinafore Dark grey
Summer dresses white and green (check or stripe)
Trousers and shorts Dark grey
Shirt, blouse, polo White
Tie (optional) Green and yellow
Shoes Flat black shoes
Socks or tights Green, black, grey or white
PE Kit top White t-shirt or house coloured top (blue, red, yellow, green)
Shorts Black

black or white plimsolls (indoor)

black or white trainers (outdoor)

Tracksuits Black or bottle green (outdoor games) , no logos.

Health and Safety:

Jewellery: To prevent upset from loss and for safety reasons, please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery to school.  If your child has pierced ears, please ensure that only small, stud earrings are worn. 

Please speak with the Head Teacher if your child needs to wear any particular items as part of a religious observance.  Watches may be worn.

Hair:  Children with hair longer than shoulder length should have their hair tied back throughout the school day.

In accordance with KCC policy and for safety, your child will have to remove earrings or have them taped for PE and games lessons. Hair should continue to be tied back and watches removed. No hoodies, school fleece or jumper only for PE. 

Please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled; like all schools we accumulate a great deal of un-named, unclaimed lost property each term; if property is clearly labelled we are usually successful in returning it quickly to the pupil concerned.  In particular, green sweatshirts and plimsolls need identification as these are sometimes inadvertently mixed up by children.

Please let us know, in confidence, if you have any difficulties, financial or otherwise, in obtaining uniform for your child.

Our uniform can be obtained from the Schoolwear Centre, 56 Addington Street Margate, Kent. The Schoolwear Centre are also able to add our school logo to uniform brought elsewhere at a cost of £4.50 + VAT


School book bags and PE bags are also available from the Schoolwear Centre.

In need of labels for you child’s school uniform? Click on the link below to purchase some iron on labels called Trons from Label Planet

Schoolwear Centre, Margate - St Nicholas at Wade Uniform



House coloured t-shirts :)