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Term 4

What did we learn in term 4?

Our topic was 'Who are you going to call?' During our action packed topic all about People who help us and the role people play in our local community we explored questions like ... who do we call for an emergency at sea or the beach? what number do we dial in case of an emergency. We had a go at learning our home addresses and a contact number for our parents or carers. We enroled in a firefighter training course and completed all the challenges firefighter Sam set us! We wrote letters home and posted them in the local postbox and learnt about what happens to our letters and the journey they have to go on before they reach their destinations. We enjoyed welcoming visitors into school to tell us all about thier roles in our community and how thier job helps us.  We continued our Little Wandle phonics journey. In Maths we continued to build upon and broaden our number and shape knowledge and applied this to problem solving situations. In RE with our Christian friends Tessa and Tom we explored why Easter is special to Christians and thought about our key question...Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden? We enjoyed a great class trip to our local library and to Little Seaside Town too where we completed different people who help us themed missions.