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Term 3

What did we learn in term 3?

Our topic was 'Will you read me a story?' During our magical topic all about fairy tales, goodies and baddies we shared a range of traditional tales and explored various questions like...Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? We even become chefs making and tasting our own porridge. We made recipe books and wrote instructions for how to make porridge. We used adjectives to describe the porridge we made. We became authors writing and creating our own stories and books. We explored materials and different forms of construction to create safe houses for the 3 little pigs and we made labels to describe them too. We continued our Little Wandle phonics journey. In Maths we continued to build upon and broaden our number and shape knowledge. In RE with our Christian friends Tessa and Tom we explored Christian stories from the Bible and thought about why Jesus is special to Christians.