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Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

How do we support SEMH at a Universal Level?

At St.Nicholas-at-Wade CEP School we use The Zones of Regulation to teach children:

  • that there is a normal range of emotions (e.g. happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, nervousness) and scale of emotions that all humans experience in relation to different experiences and situations.
  • how to recognise and talk about their emotions, including having a varied vocabulary of words to use when talking about their own and others’ feelings.
  •  how to judge whether what they are feeling and how they are behaving is appropriate and proportionate.
  • all classes have a 'worry box.'

How do we support SEMH at a targeted level?

  • Drawing and talking
  • Friendship skills groups

How do we support SEMH at a Specialist Level?

There are times when we feel a child / family need specialist support.  At such times we may make a referral to one of the following agencies. This is always in discussion with the parent(s) / carer(s) first. We will continue to support at a targeted level in school.