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Maths at St Nicholas at Wade

At St Nicholas at Wade we use the White Rose maths programme to successfully weave together the themes of fluency, reasoning and problem solving to develop confident mathematicians who understand the importance of maths within the wider world.

With a well-structured and progressive calculation policy, we are able to ensure that pupils' mathematical knowledge is deep. At first they are provided with concrete interpretations using manipulatives and real life experiences, before moving onto pictorial representation and ending with abstract examples. Pupils are introduced to each calculation method through repeated exposure until they are able to demonstrate fluency. Once they have become more confident with the method they are then expected to reason their understanding and apply their learning to problem solving activities. This process is repeated within every year group as each new topic is taught.

Also, mathematical opportunities are provided beyond the classroom when pupils are able to use our outdoor learning environment to explore and apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts. 

Maths Homework

We are keen to extend the pupils' exposure to maths beyond the classroom and provide a variety of learning platforms depending on the age group. Weekly homework is set using MyMaths and older pupils are given the opportunity to explore an online resource called Diagnostic Questions. Also, all pupils are given access to Times Tables Rockstars in which they can practice and compete with each other in preparation for our regular Times Tables Rock Tournaments.