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Head Pupils and Prefects

Taking personal responsibility is a skill that we expect our children to develop. We know that successful adults are able to take responsibility for their actions and understand that they are in control of their destiny. At St Nicholas, we have many opportunities for children to be responsible and independent individuals. 

'I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.'

William Earnest Henley

Having positions of responsibility in school, gives our children opportunities to practice being responsible for not only themselves but for others. They play a key part of shaping our younger children's behaviours and attitudes as well as being great role models and advocates for positive change.

Head Pupils:

Freddie Walters

Marnie-Rae Cox


Richie Wilkinson

Carson Cook

Katie-Rose Stannard

Amy Mansfield

Layla Brown

Eva Squires

Our Head pupils are voted for by the children in democracy week.

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