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Cognition and Learning (C and L)

  • Cognition and Learning (including moderate and severe learning difficulties through to profound and multiple learning difficulties, in addition to specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia)

Some useful resources:

  • Dyspraxia Foundation:
    This website provides information and advice for families and school staff who are supporting a child with this diagnosis.

What is our Universal offer for Cognition and learning?

Through quality first teaching which may include:

  • differentiation
  • pupil groupings
  • adaptation of materials being used e.g. size of print / colour paper / overlays
  • scaffolding children's learning
  • multi sensory learning

What is our targeted offer for cognition and learning?

We use the following assessment tools / screenings to help us identify a child's barrier to learning:

  • LUCID Lass and Cops
  • Bench marking for reading
  • YARC for reading

We use the following strategies and interventions:

  • over learning through the use of precision teaching
  • pre- teaching / priming
  • follow up learning
  • BRP
  • Dynamo maths
  • First Class at number
  • clicker

More information can be found about these on the main SEN page.

What is our Specialist Offer for C and L?

Where interventions do not seem to be having impact and / or we need support understanding a child's needs we will access The Specialist Teaching service through the LIFT process.We then work closely with this service, following their recommendations.

Please see interventions listed under Targeted Support.