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St Nicholas at Wade

Church of England Primary School

A place to belong - A place to grow

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.



Mrs H Kemp


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Kent – SENCO, English Leader



Miss H Buckley and Mrs A Hall - EYFS and Reception - HB EYFS Leader, AH ICT Leader 

Mrs J Ives – Year 1, Art and Display Leader

Mrs H Adams and Mr Hill – Year 2 - HA Student Mentor, SH Apprentice Teacher

Miss C Jermy and Mrs C Palmer – Year 3 - RE Leader

Miss S Patterson – Year 4, Sports and MFL Leader

Mrs N Norris – Year 5 - Science Leader

Mr T Neal – Year 6,  KS2 Leader, Maths Leader

Mr C Guy - Music Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs L Back
Miss F Spellward
Mrs J Weller

Mrs L Jeffries
Mrs M Redshaw

Mrs V Eley
Miss S Barnett
Mrs R Eaves
Mrs L Chapman 
Miss V Gill

Mrs T Moon

Miss S Baptiste


Office Staff

Mrs S McPherson

Mrs H Howard



Mr M Faint