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Inclusion and Equality

Welcome to our Inclusion Web Page


“Inclusion is concerned with all children and young people in schools. It is focused on presence, participation and achievements. Inclusion is seen as a never ending process thus a inclusive school is one on the move.” 


Ainscow and Booth 2006. 


Inclusion Leader – Miss Sarah Kent


At St-Nicholas-at-Wade C of E Primary School we are proud of our inclusive ethos and equality of opportunity for all. We strive to achieve the best outcomes for all of our children as individuals and as members of the school community.


As ”A place to belong – A Place to grow’ at St. Nicholas we recognise the importance of school staff, parents and pupils working together to ensure inclusive practice.

The Inclusion Leader is also our Deputy Headteacher, so plays a key part in whole school strategic planning. As well as being a qualified teacher she is also a Reading Recovery Teacher and has experience of successfully teaching children with a range of learning difficulties.


Whilst all of our teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the pupils in their class, the Inclusion leader’s role is to lead and support the identification of, and provision for, children with Additional Educational Needs (AEN). This includes children identified with a Special Educational Need (SEN); a disability (SEND); English as an Additional Language (EAL); medical needs or where children have been identified as gifted and talented. The Inclusion Leader works in partnership with pupils, school staff, parents and external agencies where appropriate.


The Inclusion Leader oversees our team of highly skilled, dedicated Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and Higher Level Teaching Assistant. (HLTA). They support the teaching and learning in the classroom and also lead intervention programmes in the afternoon sessions.


In line with the SEND Code of Practice 2014, we use a ‘Graduated Approach’ – a four part cycle (assess-plan-do-review) to secure good outcomes for pupils with SEN.


Please click on link below to read our SEN Policy

The ‘Kent Local Offer’ is a response from government to enable parents and carers to find out about services, opportunities and access for children with Special Educational Needs and / or disabilities.


Follow this link to view The Kent Local Offer.


Please click below to see our SEN Report for 2016-7

We notify all parents of the extra interventions their child will receive. All interventions run for fixed periods of time, usually 6-10 week periods.


Please follow this link to see more information on the interventions we offer at St. Nicholas.

The New SEND Code of Practice at St-Nicholas-at-Wade C of E Primary School.


As well as a New Curriculum we have also begun to implement the changes set out in the new SEND Code of Practice. There are some major changes within this document, which are mainly centered around how we categorize and identify children with Special Educational Needs and / or disabilities. In addition the document highlights the importance of working collaboratively with parents and children.


Children with ‘Statements’ have been converted over to the new ‘Education, Health and Care Plans.’ Children previously categorized as ‘School Action / School Action +’ will either be ‘SEN Support’ or removed from the SEN register, depending on whether they meet the new criteria.


This will not affect how your child is supported in school as our philosophy is still the same, in that we endeavor to meet the needs of all children who need additional support.


If your child is currently on the SEN register you will already have had a meeting with me. If this has not happened and you feel your child should be on the SEN register please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or myself.


Useful Websites and Information


Click here for further information on support services and advice for parents with children who have additional needs.


We are using a programme called The Zones of Regulation to help children identify their emotions and also to help them manage their behaviour. All KS2 classes have been using this in their PSHE lessons.


Please follow these links for more information.