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How do we teach writing?

The Power of Reading


The power of reading project is a methodology developed to engage children in high quality, age appropriate literature. It is based around the teacher reading aloud the books to the class, and discussing, creating drama, writing in different genres to immerse the children in the story. A majority of the time we link our texts to the class Topic.


In Class 6  we have been reading “Pig cart boy” which links with our topic – ‘Bloodheart.



In Class 5 we have been reading “Cosmic” which links to our topic ‘Stargazers.’



In Class 4 we have been reading “The princess and the white bear king” which links to our topic ‘Blue Abyss’



In Class 3 we have been reading “The pebble in my pocket” which links with our topic ‘Tremors.’



In class 2 we have been reading “George’s Marvelous Medicine” which links with our topic ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures.’



In class 1 we have been reading “Man on the moon” which links to our topic ‘ Moon Zoom.’



How do we teach Spelling?




Research shows  children do not learn to spell by learning lists of words. For this reason spelling rules are taught through an investigative approach once a week for a 30-40 minutes, with additional opportunities to practise throughout the week. We teach children a variety of games to help them practise the spelling rules.

Click here for an overview of spelling patterns taught and some sample words linked to these rules. Please note in Terms 1 and 2 Years 1 and 2 focus mainly on phonics and High Frequency words.


High Frequency words


When marking any written work teachers select up to 3 mis-spelt High Frequency words and write them at the end of the piece of work in a bubble. (‘Bubble words’) . The children then transfer these into their  spelling book and have opportunities to practise these personalized words throughout the week. They may sometimes be given these words to learn at home.


How do we teach Handwriting?


At St. Nicholas-At-Wade Church of England Primary School, cursive, joined up handwriting is taught. Children are introduced to this style from their earliest schooling as it is considered to be the most natural development of children’s earliest attempts at writing.


This cursive style is beneficial to the children as it ensures that no changeover of writing style has to occur as the children move through the different stages of the school.

Reading Workshop:


On Friday 2nd February 2018, we held a reading workshop for Key Stage One parents to help share strategies that we use to teach reading at St Nicholas at Wade Primary School. Below is the PowerPoint with all the information shared at the meeting:

Earlier in the year we had a reading workshop for Reception parents. The PowerPoint for this workshop is below: