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Communication and Interaction

  • Communication and Interaction (children and young people with speech, language and communication needs, and also likely to apply to children and young people with ASD – including Aspergers and Autism)

Some useful resources:

Resources from language link

Other speech and language resources:

What is our Universal Offer for C and I?

  • All children are screened on entry using Speech / Language Link
  • All teachers use visual resources including: visual timetables, active listening prompts and visual supports to vocabulary 
  • Signage around our school site is supported with visual prompts. 

What is our targeted offer for C and I?

  • Follow up interventions from Speech Link
  • Teachers using suggested strategies from Speech / Language link for 'targeted' children
  • If children do not make expected progress we will then discuss and refer for a Speech and Language Assessment. 

What is our Specialist Offer for C and I?

  • Work closely with Speech and Language Therapists
  • Carry out 'follow up work' as provided by Speech and Language Therapists
  • Work closely with parents