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Year 6 - Oak Class

Welcome to Year 6 - Oak Class!


Who are the staff in Class 6?


Mr Neal – teacher

Mrs Gill – teaching assistant

Mrs Chapman - teaching assistant


Liddington 2019


On the 10th June 2019 some of Oak Class will be travelling to Wiltshire to take part in a week of activities and excursions. Please find below the PowerPoint Presentation which was delivered to parents on the 23rd May along with a kit checklist. If you have any further questions please contact Mr Neal.



What does the day look like?


Please click on the link to view our timetable

Secondary School admissions meeting powerpoint

What does the Curriculum in Oak Class look like?




Term Five - Pharaohs cont.


In term five we shall be continuing our epic journey into the dry Egyptian desert where we shall discover what life would have been like living beside the Nile thousands of years ago. In contrast, we shall conclude Zoe’s tale of adventure within the damp, apocalyptic world of Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. Will she ever find her parents?

Term five is such an important time for Year Six as they consolidate their learning as part of their Key Stage Two SATs (13th May- 16th May). In the build up to these assessments, the children will benefit from regular revision of the key terms and processes that are outlined in the pink and blue leaflets that were distributed at Parents Evening. They will also be sent regular work on their Diagnostic Questions accounts and they are free to explore the many questions available to them on this website.

Amongst the hard work and ‘with a little bit of luck’ we will also be starting our rehearsals for our upcoming end-of-year production of ‘My Fair Lady’.



Term Four - Pharaohs


This term we headed into the intense heat of the Egyptian desert to uncover lost tombs and discover what life and death would have been like thousands of years ago. We got our shovels and brushes ready as we unearthed mummies, pyramids and more. We studied Howard Carter’s world famous excavations in the Valley of the Kings and ventured into the ‘undisturbed’ tomb of Tutankhamun.


Also this term will mixed the arid desert with the post-apocalyptic landscape of Floodland, a superb tale of adventure, in a world inundated by water. Was Zoe ever be reunited with her family?


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What did we learn about in Term Three? - Blood Heart

This term we sharpened our scalpels and fine tuned our bodies with our topic – Blood Heart. From real-life heart dissections to hard-core training sessions we examined the effects of a healthy diet and regular exercise on the human heart. We also considered how the heart had been used in both art and music to convey a wide range of emotions. As always we complemented our topic with an excellent book – Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman, in which discovered a boy’s difficult decision about whether to accept an unusual solution when waiting for a much needed heart transplant.


So, if you are feeling squeamish – look away now!




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What did we learn about in Term Two?


This term ventured into the frozen landscapes of the Artic and Antarctic circles. As part of our literacy we read Shackleton's Journey by William Grill, a fantastic non-fiction book that recounts the perilous and heroic 1914 expedition to the Antarctic led by Ernest Shackleton. We also used the frozen landscapes to classify and categorise animals as part of our science, as well as exploring the various climate zones around the world for our geography. On our journey we also studied the fateful first voyage of the Titanic and asked  - Who was to blame for its sinking?

Term One - A Child's War


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Homework: Pupils are expected to complete their set MyMaths homework and read for at least 30 mins every evening.  Please complete and sign reading records each night.   Pupils homework projects will be displayed as part of the express section at the end of the unit of work. Pupils can choose whether to present their homework as written work, ICT or something creative.  If pupils decide to choose something creative such as a painting then they should choose either written work or I.C.T. for their next homework project so that they are using different skills throughout the year.


What are the behaviour expectations in Oak Class?


In Oak class we follow the 5 B’s.



Be Respectful

Be Kind and gentle

Be careful

Be responsible

Be the best you can


In PSHE we have been thinking about feelings and emotions and how these impact on our behaviour. We have been using The Zones of Regulation to describe and discuss our emotions. Please follow the links for more information.

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