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Year 4 - Beech Class

Welcome to Year 4 - Beech Class!


Who are the staff in Beech Tree Class?


Mr Spiers – Teacher

Mrs Stavri – Teaching Assistant


What does our day look like?

Our timetable is quite flexible, with afternoon lessons such as science, topic and art moving around to suit the curriculum and ensure coverage, but English, reading and maths will happen daily.

What are we learning about in term 5?


Ssh ... what's that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low bass hum? 


Take out your ear buds as you journey through the valley of sounds and find out about instruments, the sounds they make and how they are produced. Discover how how sounds are made and which sounds travel the furthest!


Want to put what you've learnt into action? Our talent show at the end of term comes just at the right time!

What are we learning about in term 4?


'Gods and Mortals' - a topic focused on Ancient Greece! Discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Artemis, Hermes, Apollo and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets.


Meet Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy who's face launched a thousand ships.


Explore the terrain of Greece, where in pure blue skies the sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortunes of Icarus and Daedalus.

What were we learning about in term 3?


Grab your wetsuit! We're going deep into an underwater world of coral and incredible sea creatures. We'll make a model of a deep-sea submarine that can withstand great pressure and travel to the deepest, darkest places on earth.


Flippers on? Snorkel ready? Let's head into the blue abyss ...



Our trip to London Aquarium

Our trip to London Aquarium 1
Our trip to London Aquarium 2
Our trip to London Aquarium 3
Our trip to London Aquarium 4
Our trip to London Aquarium 5
Our trip to London Aquarium 6

What did we learn about in term 2?


Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and their properties...

Now scientists, beware! There are some powerful and deadly potions out there - dangerous, unpredictable or plain tragic (just ask Romeo and Juliet!).


Use what you know about materials and their properties to create incredible potions in Professor Hazard's class.

What did we learn about in term 1?


Our first topic, 'Traders and Raiders' had a history focus on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Please see attached newsletter and curriculum map for more detailed curriculum information. Do check back here as we go through the term to see examples of our learning!  


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

How do we reward children in Beech Class?

In Beech Tree class we follow the 5 B’s.


Be Respectful

Be Kind and gentle

Be careful

Be responsible

Be the best you can


In PSHE we have been thinking about feelings and emotions and how these impact on our behaviour. We have been using The Zones of Regulation to describe and discuss our emotions. Please follow the links for more information.

Suggested webpages– a fantastic collection of games to help improve estimation skills– some of these games promote reasoning and strategy. Make sure you practice ‘4 in a row’ lots, Mr Spiers has never been beaten at this game!– further logic games. ‘Trap the mouse’ is particularly recommended.