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Year 2 - Primrose Class

Welcome to Year 2 - Primrose Class!



Mrs Stevens         Mrs Jefferies           

(Class Teacher)   (Teaching Assistant)  

We are always happy to help, at the end of each day we are on the door and available for any questions or queries.


What are we currently learning?


You can download our current class newsletter below which outlines the learning for English and Maths last week, and for the current week, as well as any additional home learning activities or messages from the teacher. 

What does our learning look like?
Picture 1 Writing sentences in phonics
Picture 2 Writing sentences in phonics
Picture 3 Being good talk partners
Picture 4 Using a tens frame to count out two-digit numbers
Picture 5 Recognising and writing numbers to 100
Picture 6 Partitioning with numicon and part, whole model
Picture 7 Partitioning with base ten and part, whole model
Picture 8 Partitioning with base ten and part, whole model
Picture 9 Representing two-digit numbers with base ten
Picture 10 Representing tens and ones
Picture 11 Partitioning into tens and ones
Picture 12 Sharing Mummy's favourite book as a child
Picture 13 Sharing Mummy and Daddy's favourite toys
Picture 14 Creating a freeze frame for Grace and Family

What was shared at the “Meet the teacher” meeting?


Below are the links to the PowerPoint at the meeting.

What does our curriculum look like?


In Year Two we have selected six topics that we hope will captivate the children’s interests. Through cross-curricular teaching we will cover different areas of the curriculum in an exciting and engaging way. We begin a topic with something to hook the children in, this is called the “engage” stage. The children then “develop” their learning before presenting what they have been learning. This provides the children a context to share their work and we refer to this as the “express” stage. At the end of a topic we would like to invite you into school so that we can showcase the children’s learning. This will also be an opportunity for you to see the children’s classroom and books.


Here is an overview of all the topics we will be covering throughout the year:

What does our day look like?


Here is an outline of what a week looks like in Year 2. As the year and the children evolve, our weekly timetable will change accordingly.  Please click for current timetable below.

What does our classroom look like?



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

How do we reward children in Primrose Class?


We believe in positive praise and always seek opportunities to reward the children.  We always try to follow the “5 B’s” which are:


 Be Respectful

 Be kind and gentle

 Be Careful

 Be responsible

 Be the best you can be

Picture 1 Blue circle (Mrs Kemp reward)
Picture 2 Yellow circle (Busy bee)
Picture 3 Green circle (Good to go)
Picture 4 Orange circle (Stop and think)
Picture 5 Red circle (Consequence)
Picture 1

Our friendly classroom critters live in a bubble. They love to watch us learning and sometimes, if we are working very quietly, they like to sit on our desks!


Are there any trips planned?


Please see the topic overview for possible trips. We will notify parents as soon as trips are confirmed. 


What homework is given in Primrose Class?


Each term the children will be given a topic based home learning project. Here is the home learning project ideas for Autumn term 1:

Additional and on going home learning includes:




Maths challenges and activities will be set for the children to complete on My Maths. If you need a reminder about your child’s log in details please come and see us.


Please help your child to learn pairs of numbers that make 10 so that they can quickly be recalled. Then do the same for pairs of numbers to make 20. This work underpins much of our maths work in class. Consequently it is very important that this is constantly revisited and practised throughout the year.


Addition and subtraction of small numbers can be practised and reinforced by playing simple board games such as Snakes and Ladders using two or even three dice. Card games such as Pontoon or ‘Making 21’ also work well to support addition and counting on skills.


Also, please practise counting forward in jumps of 2, 5 and 10 to help learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Then try counting back in jumps of 2, 5 and 10. Then do the same for the 3 and 4 times tables.




In light of the new curriculum we have made changes to our reading system.


Please listen to your child read at home as much as possible and comment in their home reading records when you do so.


The children are trying hard to be our class Star Reader of the week. In order to be the Star Reader your child needs to have read more than anyone else in the class over the course of a week.


Please continue to read and enjoy lots of additional stories with your child. Reading and listening to stories are both so important not only to support your child’s reading development but also their writing development.



Each week your child will bring home a list of words to practise spelling. These are words that we have practised reading and spelling during the week at school. Please help your children to practise spelling these words at home over the course of the week. These are words that the children need to be able to spell as part of the Year 2 spelling curriculum. We will have a spelling quiz on the following Friday. Who will be our class spelling wizard this week? smiley