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Staff in Hungry Caterpillar Class:

miss-buckley         mrs-tyrell        mrs-back         mrs-moon

 Miss Buckley       Mrs Tyrell            Mrs Back              Mrs Moon

(Class Teacher)     (PPA Cover)     (Teaching Assistant)   (Teaching Assistant)

We are always happy to help, at the end of each day we are on the door and available for any questions or queries.

Reception Questionnaire-

Click on the link below to access the questionnaire. Thank you for your time.

Reception questionnaire link

What does our curriculum look like?

In Reception we select topics to suit the children’s interests. Through finding out what the children are interested in we can tailor the curriculum accordingly. We follow the EYFS Statutory Curriculum which you can see below:

EYFS-Curriculum.pdf (86 downloads)

Here is an overview of what is expected within the strands, it is a useful tool for understanding the profile:

What-to-expect-when....-A-parents-guide-to-the-profile.pdf (54 downloads)

Our current topic is called “Will you read me a story?” Attached below are what we aim to cover:

Medium-term-plan.pdf (25 downloads)

Our fourth topic is called “Who are you going to call?” Attached below are what we aim to cover:

Medium-term-plan.pdf (27 downloads)

Our third topic is called “Do cows drink milk?” Attached below are what we aim to cover:

Medium-term-plan.docx (63 downloads)

Our second topic will be “Do squirrels hide their nuts?” this will focus on Autumn, different plants/animals and more importantly attending Forest School! Our topic overview is below:

Medium-term-plan.pdf (70 downloads)

Our first topic will be “Friends” this will focus on settling into school, knowing who everyone is and making new friendships. Our topic overview is below:

Medium-term-plan.pdf (101 downloads)

What does our day look like?

Here is an outline of how our day will look in the fifth term. As the year and the children evolve, our weekly timetable will change accordingly.

Timetable.pdf (30 downloads)

Term 4 timetable:

Timetable.pdf (72 downloads)

Term 3 timetable:

Reception-Timetable-Term-3.pdf (46 downloads)

Term 2 timetable:

Reception-Timetable-Term-2.pdf (74 downloads)

Term 1 timetable:

Reception-Timetable-Term-1.pdf (110 downloads)


 Term Two- Forest School- Our best bits!


 Trip to the Gulbenkien Theatre-

For our Christmas treat we went to Canterbury and visited the Gulbenkien Theatre.  We watched a fantastic performance of Hansel and Gretel which was followed by our class party. Please see the pictures below of our exciting day:

img_0170 img_0171 img_0172 img_0174 img_0175  img_0176 img_0177 img_0178 img_0179 img_0180 img_0181  img_0182 img_0183 img_0184

 Term One celebration of work- What have we been doing?

We have had a successful first term in Hungry Caterpillar Class. To celebrate all that we have achieved we have made a movie. Please click the link below to view:

Cake and tea reminder!

When you drop your child off on Monday 19th September 2016 (AM and PM), there will be a supply of tea and cake in the library. It might be a nice opportunity to meet some other parents, cheer yourself up (if you are feeling a little tearful) or just munch some cake! This will be for the adults and Mrs Kemp will be around to greet you.

How does our classroom look?

dscn1181 dscn1180 dscn1179 dscn1178

img_0135  img_0134  dscn0354  dscn0361  dscn0355  dscn0364  dscn0363  dscn0356  dscn0359  dscn0362  classroom1

How do we reward children in Hungry Caterpillar Class?

We believe in positive praise and always seek opportunities to reward the children. The children start the day on the “sunflower” and if they do something special they are rewarded by being put onto the “honey pot”. They then receive a sticker and share their good work with the class.

honey-pot  sunflower  sad-bee        bee-sting

                             (Special award)           (Start of the day)           (A reminder for sad behaviour)                 (Repeated sad behaviour

                                                                                                                                                                           and a visit to Mrs Kemp)

Are there any trips/events planned?

In Term 4 we are visiting Margate Fire Station and we will have some Police Officers coming to visit.

In Term 3 we are going to visit Tescos where we will do activities linked to the Farm to Fork Scheme. The letter is attached below:

Farm-to-Fork-trip-Rec.-2016-1.docx (57 downloads)

At the end of Term 2 we have a trip to see Hansel and Gretel at the Gulbenkian Theatre. The letter is attached below:

Hansel-Gretel-Rec-2016.doc (47 downloads)

We have a term of “Forest School” planned for Term 2. Forest School provides a fantastic outdoor learning environment for the children. The letters for the trip are attached below:

Forest-School-letter.pdf (85 downloads)

How can I help my child with writing?

On Tuesday 17th January 2017 we held a writing workshop, thank you for all of those who attended. Below is the PowerPoint. I have also included the link for Dough Disco, letter formation and also a useful clip for teaching tricky words: 

Writing-Workshop.pdf (53 downloads)

Tricky Words Song

Dough Disco

Here is a list of spellings (Tricky Words and High Frequency Words). They progress to the hardest ones. Remember to focus on two or three and get them really embedded before moving on! I have provided these due to popular demand. See below:

spelling-phases-2-5.pdf (51 downloads)

How can I help my child with reading?

On Tuesday 1st November 2016 we held a reading workshop, thank you for all of those who attended. Below is the PowerPoint and hand outs:

Reading-Workshop-1.pdf (61 downloads)

How-to-Help-Bookmark.pdf (56 downloads)

How can I help my child with maths?

On Tuesday 17th March 2017 we held a maths workshop, thank you for all of those who attended. Below is the PowerPoint and hand outs:

Maths-Workshop.pdf (30 downloads)

T-N-016-100-Square-1.pdf (0 downloads)

T-N-1906-Numbers-0-50-on-a-Number-Line.pdf (33 downloads)

T-N-1348-Number-Line-0-20-Numicon-Shapes_ver_2.pdf (46 downloads)

Useful websites or Apps:

 Here are some useful Apps:


Here are some useful websites:



Here are some useful books:

What Every Parent Needs To Know by Toby Young & Miranda Thomas 

USBN: 0241004721 /9780241004722


Here is a useful download of what to expect and how to help your child in their first year at school:

your_child_s_first_year_at_school_oxford_owl-2.pdf (98 downloads)