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Reception Class - Buttercup Class

Welcome to Reception - Buttercup Class!



Staff in Buttercup Class:

Picture 1 Mrs Weller (Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Hall (Teacher)
Picture 3 Mrs Back (Teaching Assistant)

We are always happy to help, so if you have a question or query how big or small feel free to come and chat to one of us.


What does our day look like?


Please have a look to see what we are up to each day in our current timetable.



What does our curriculum look like?


In Reception we select topics to suit the children’s interests. Through finding out what the children are interested in we can tailor the curriculum accordingly. We follow the EYFS


Statutory Curriculum which you can see below:

Here is an overview of what is expected within the strands, it is a useful tool for understanding the profile:

Here is our yearly overview:

What will we learn in term 4?


Our topic is 'Who can help us?' We will be inviting people from our community into talk to us about their roles and jobs in our community and think about how people in different jobs help us.  

If you know anyone who works in a 'people who help us' role and they would be happy to come and talk to us about their role in the community please pop to see us to arrange a visit.

We will continue to explore number and compare various sized groups. We will practically explore the concepts of addition and subtraction. We will investigate 2d and 3d shapes and think about their properties.

Our Christian friends Tessa and Tom will be sharing stories from the Bible around the theme of 'Salvation' with us. We continue to develop our fine and gross motor skills through a range of activities but especially during our Forest School sessions. Our letters and sounds phonics journey will continue as we explore more phonics sounds, tricky words and high frequency words. We will use our expanding phonic knowledge to write for a range of reasons, including a letter to a fire station.

What did we learn in term 3?


Our topic was 'Once Upon A Time...'. We shared a range of traditional tales, discussing them as we went along and had a go at being story tellers ourselves. We explored numerals 1-10 by counting and measuring beanstalks and gingerbread men. We had a go at baking some gingerbread men...BUT one escaped! He's now sending us postcards from the different places he visits! 

Our Christian friends Tessa and Tom shared special stories from the Bible (New Testament) with us. We continued to develop our fine and gross motor skills through write dance, yoga and funky fingers activities. Our letters and sounds phonics journey continued as we explored more phonics sounds, tricky words and high frequency words.

What did we learn in term 2?


Our topic was 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?'. We explored our surroundings and observing seasonal changes. We thought about different types of animals and explored hibernation and migration. We discussed how we can care for animals and our environment.  We continued to write our names and explore different ways of mark making. We continued our Letters and Sounds phonic journey, explored numerals 1-5 and what each numeral represents whilst engaging in some problem solving activities. We also thought about  2d shapes and what makes each one special. We enjoyed meeting our new class friends Tessa and Tom who have started teaching us all about Christianity. We enjoyed lots of Christmas preparations, including learning lots of lovely songs and doing our Wriggly Nativity show. Thank you for all your support at our PTFA Christmas fair, we hope you enjoy the children's Christmas goodies.

What did we learn in term 1?


Our topic was 'Friends'. We all settled into school life well and made friends with each other. We shared lots of friendship themed texts. We learnt new routines together and agreed some rules for our learning and playing environments.  We all worked hard to recognise our own names and our friends names, had a go at mark making and writing our own names. We began our Letters and Sounds phonic journey, explored numerals 1-5 and what each numeral represents whilst engaging in some problem solving activities. We observed some seasonal changes and explored our outdoor environment.

Are there any trips/events planned?


We have some parent workshops planned...


Developing early Maths skills:

THURSDAY 14th MARCH 2019 at 2.30pm


Fire Station Visit

Monday 25th March (more information to follow)



We will be having weekly visits to a forest school setting starting on FRIDAY 1st MARCH 2019.

Our following Forest School Session are:

Friday 8th March 2019

Friday 15th March 2019

Friday 22nd March 2019

Friday 29th March 2019


Please send your child to school in appropriate clothing ready for our Forest School Adventures. All children will need a packed lunch to take to forest school with them.



How does our classroom look?





Parent Information/Workshops

Cursive flying with phonics handwriting

Picture 1 Special Award
Picture 2 Start of the Day
Picture 3 A reminder for sad behaviour
Picture 4 Repeated sad behaviour

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What Every Parent Needs To Know by Toby Young & Miranda Thomas  USBN: 0241004721/9780241004722



Here is a useful download of what to expect and how to help your child in their first year at school:

Reception Class Letters