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Staff in Elmer Class:


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We are always happy to help, at the end of each day we are on the door and available for any questions or queries.



 How does our classroom look?



What was shared at the “Meet the teacher” meeting?

Below are the links to the PowerPoint and the letter shared at the meeting.

Class-welcome-letter-2016.pdf (61 downloads)

Year-1-Parents-Meeting.pdf (74 downloads)


What does our curriculum look like?

In Year One we have selected six topics that we hope will captivate the children’s interests. Through cross-curricular teaching we will cover different areas of the curriculum in an exciting and engaging way. We begin a topic with something to hook the children in, this is called the “engage” stage. The children then “develop” their learning before presenting what they have been learning. This provides the children a context to share their work and we refer to this as the “express” stage. At the end of a topic we would like to invite you into school so that we can showcase the children’s learning. This will also be an opportunity for you to see the children’s classroom and books.

Here is an overview of all the topics we will be covering throughout the year:

2016-2017-Overview_final.pdf (102 downloads)

Term 6

Our topic this term is Land Ahoy! We will be learning about some famous explorers, pirates and the story of Grace Darling. A trip to Chatham Historic Dockyard has been planned for Friday 7th July where we will learn more about pirates and Grace Darling.

Term 5

Our topic was Bright Lights, Big City! We learnt about London landmarks and made our own from different materials. We also looked for them on different maps. The best thing this term was the Queen coming to visit for a tea party!

Term 4

Our topic this term was Paws, Claws and Whiskers! and was all about animals. We explored animal groups in science and enjoyed a trip to Wingham Wildlife Park to look at the animals up close.

This term we also had an incredible Star Wars science week!


Term 3

Our topic was Moon Zoom! We had great fun learning about space through English, science and art. Here is what we got up to:


Term 2

In term 2 our topic was Superheroes! We did superhero training through science, PSHE, writing and art. Here is what we got up to:

p1020293 p1020309 p1020322 p1020326 p1020351 p1020366 p1020367 p1020380 p1020384 p1020393 p1020396

Term 1

In term 1 our topic was The Enchanted Woodland. Here is some photos of all the fun we had!

p1020021 p1020022 p1020029 p1020076 p1020084 p1020119 p1020148 p1020158 p1020167 p1020171 p1020227 p1020255 p1020262 p1020261


What does our day look like?

Here is an outline of how our day will look in the first term. As the year and the children evolve, our weekly timetable will change accordingly. To ensure a smooth transition from Reception we have adapted the timetable accordingly. Please click on the link below:

Year-1-Timetable_term-1.pdf (104 downloads)

The timetable has been slightly changed for term 2 as the children are now ready for daily English and maths full lessons. Please click the link below to see our new timetable:

New-timetable.pdf (63 downloads)  

How do we reward children in Elmer Class?

We believe in positive praise and always seek opportunities to reward the children. The children start the day on the “sunflower” and if they do something special they are rewarded by being put onto the “honey pot”. They then receive a sticker and share their good work with the class.

               honey-pot  sunflower  sad-bee        bee-sting

                             (Special award)           (Start of the day)           (A reminder for sad behaviour)                 (Repeated sad behaviour

                                                                                                                                                                           and a visit to Mrs Kemp)


Are there any trips planned?

We have some exciting trips planned for the upcoming year.

  • At Christmas we hope to go to the theatre to see a show.
  • In term 4 we will visit Wingham Wildlife Park.
  • In term 6 we will visit Chatham Dockyard.

Other trips maybe planned throughout the year, newsletters will be sent with any trip details nearer the time. 


What homework is given in Elmer Class?

Each term the children will be given a topic based home learning project.  Additional and on going home learning includes:

  • Counting forwards and backwards from 0-10 in 1s and 2s
  • Number recognition and writing
  • MyMaths (roughly every two weeks starting after Christmas)
  • Daily reading with an adult
  • Singing the alphabet song
  • Spelling days of the week
  • Handwriting practise
  • Learning to read and write the HFW 

Click here for High frequency word list

List of sounds and game ideas to practise phonics at home –  Phonics-practise-for-home.pdf (26 downloads)

Our spellings for term 1 – Term-1-spellings.pdf (60 downloads)   

Our spellings for term 2 – Term-2-spellings.pdf (46 downloads)

Useful websites/Apps or resources?

Here are some useful websites:




Here are some useful resources:

Alphabet strips

Number line

100 square

Examples of our cursive letter formation and letter families:

Curly-Caterpillar-Letters-Formation.pdf (43 downloads) Ladder-Letters-Formation.pdf (46 downloads) One-Armed-Robot-Letters-Formation.pdf (43 downloads) Zigzag-Monster-Letters-Formation.pdf (48 downloads)

Sound mats for phases 3 and 5 – Phase-3-and-5-Sound-Mat.pdf (50 downloads)

Fine motor skill ideas – Hand-and-finger-strength-ideas-for-home.pdf (50 downloads)